ASLA / CA LA 3437

The office of S.A. Fausset – Landscape Architect, Inc. prides itself on a 
classical and environmental approach to landscape architecture.

The office is lead by Stacy Fausset, ASLA, who brings 30 years of experience in the field of landscape architecture.

Project experience includes predominantly estate residential design, historic preservation, as well as habitat re-vegetation and environmental restoration work. Our firm is committed to providing the highest quality design services with the foundation of our work based around sound moral and business principles.


Respect for the land, the environment and nature’s resources


An understanding and appreciation for quality architecture as well as the vision to connect the architecture to the land via the landscape.

Quality Design

Providing a creative and sophisticated design approach using traditionally proven design principles.

Team Work

The ability and willingness to work closely with the Clients, architect, the builder and other consultants to ultimately result in the best possible project.


Being reliable and accountable with respect to work, project budget, and time frames.



Having established successful relationships with consultants and contractors in the area provides a valuable resource to clients.


Attention to detail and completion of finishing touches make a project a success..


Making sure that once the landscape is complete, that our Clients receive the necessary information, guidance and support to ensure their landscapes continue to flourish over time.